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Zazu Sound Machine - Don

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Comfort & sooth your little one by mimicking mum’s heartbeat. Or play one of the other comforting melodies: white noise, lounge music, lullabies. Switches off automatically after 10 minutes and the cry sensor will reactivate the sound upon crying. Don is a soft toy comforter with heartbeat sound to calm and sooth a newborn baby.

Heartbeat and white noise - newborns don’t need silence. After having spent 9 months in the womb where sounds of blood flow and heartbeat can get louder than a vacuum cleaner, babies will calm down and sleep better with sounds familiar from the womb.


  • Six different sounds - heartbeat, waterfall and four soothing melodies
  • Activate by shaking - no need to switch on the music, just shake to start playing the last chosen sound
  • Switches on if baby starts crying - voice activated sound sensor will switch on the sound if baby wakes
  • Variable volume - set your preferred volume level
  • Automatic shut-off - after 12 minutes Don will automatically switch off

Size: 32cm x 15cm x 15cm

Power: Operated by 2 x AA 1.5volt alkaline batteries (not included)

Age Suitability: 0+ months