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Breastfeeding Essentials
Breastfeeding is hard for mums! Here at The Stork Nest we want to make your breastfeeding journey easier with a range of breastfeeding essentials tried and tested by us mums! Breastfeeding essentials like nursing pillows, safe breastmilk storage, colostrum collectors, and more. We're talking about the products that make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable, so you can have one less thing to worry about and enjoy every single second of your journey and bonding with your baby. There's something for everyone on our site whether you just found out that you're pregnant or you've been nursing for years. We even have advice on our blog about how to make breastfeeding easier in a variety of situations and some great tips on finding the best nursing bras. From cracked and sore nipples to leaking breasts we have a product to help you catch that liquid gold! Nursing pillows help you to get comfortable and position baby at the correct angle for good latching, they also ease neck and back strain. When you're breastfeeding, you have to be prepared for anything and we're committed to helping you have an awesome breastfeeding experience, no matter what kind of journey you're on. Colostrum collectors are another great accessory for breastfeeding mothers. Colostrum is essentially the first milk that your body produces after giving birth it's high in protein and antibodies that help keep your newborn healthy. There is no greater bond than that which a mother feels between herself and her child while breastfeeding. Our range of breastfeeding essentials help improve milk flow, producing faster let-down and emptying the breast quickly and effectively. This carries major health benefits such as unblocking plugged ducts to prevent mastitis and relieving sore and tender breasts