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Food Pots and Containers

Are your storing breastmilk or homemade baby food? With our clever food storage containers, keeping your baby’s meals or milk correctly stored is essential. All our food containers for baby are BPA and Phthalates FREE. Pre-portioned containers are perfect when you’re starting your baby on solids. Many of our food storage containers can cleverly be stacked to save space in your fridge or freezer. Silicone freezer pods are even able to be used in the freezer and microwave making them handy from birth and beyond. Are you returning to work, heading out for some self-care or your partner wants to get involved with feeding baby, you can express your breast milk and store it for later! Good hygiene and correct storage are vital to ensure that stored expressed milk and homemade baby food preserves all the vitamins and nutrients and is safe to feed to baby. Using glass jars as storage container is gaining in popularity as people move away from plastic. Keep your homemade baby food fresh with these food pots and containers. They are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe, BPA free and come complete with a silicone seal to prevent spills. Store homemade food for your little one. Make travel and on-the-go eating a snap with these food pots, featuring colourful lids that make them easy to organize in the fridge or pantry. Save money by making your own organic baby food with our food pots and containers. They are designed to store, freeze, warm and serve your homemade creations. The pots fit inside the container so they can be carried on outings or to the grandparents house. Busy parents won’t be able to resist filling these adorable food storage pots with homemade baby food. Looking for the perfect storage solutions for your homemade baby food? You've found it! Use our Food Pots for storing, freezing and heating your little one's meals.