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Cherub Baby

Balancing parenthood and work is challenging, but it’s those challenges that present us with opportunities to create tools to ease the chaos of young family life through our commitment to responsible and functional innovation.

Cherub Baby has a passion for making a genuine difference in young families lives goes beyond their products. Expert led guidance, from healthy and nutritional baby food recipes through to aged based informative what to expect guides will assist you through the little years of your parenting journey.

At Cherub Baby they focus on the chaos so you don’t have to by developing innovative tools that help you along your way, when you are out and about, preparing healthy meals or nursing a sick Cherub. Every Cherub Baby product delivers on a promise:

  • A promise of innovation: Clever solutions that solve everyday parenting problems.

  • A promise of functionality: Intuitive design that’s simple and effective.

  • A promise of responsibility: Bringing safety to the forefront of our processes whilst minimising our impact on the Earth.