Night Lights

Night lights are ideal for late night feeds with a newborn, a soft glowing light during a dream feed will not startle and unsettle baby. Nightlights can help toddlers and kids feel safer in their room at night by reassuring children who aren't comfortable in the dark. Night lights can offer safety for tots that are toilet training providing them a light filled path to the bathroom or potty. At The Stork Nest we offer a range of portable, projection and USB rechargeable night lights. Getting your little one to sleep is never easy. Sleep issues can fluctuate in the first few years of their lives, from sleep regressions to nightmares, separation anxiety and night terrors, by making babies and toddlers bedtime environment as safe and comfy as possible, a night light is a solution to provide reassurance to an unsettled tot. With daylight savings looming you can encourage better sleep habits for your toddler with a Sleep Trainer night light. Easy-to-follow colour cues and music signal time for bed, when it’s almost time to get up and okay to get up. Some night lights have an alarm mode, perfect as your toddler grows this night light offers a gentle wake-up call with a sweet song and lights. Make a night light part of your bedtime routine. Be consistent and enjoy a full nights sleep