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My Carry Potty
Whether it is at home, or out and about, the award-winning My Carry Potty® is the only potty your toddler will ever need. Amanda Jenner – potty trainer to the stars developed this product so mums can potty train and still be on the go! It is leakproof, has no bags and the contents are simply flushed down the toilet at the next opportunity. Everything you need to Toilet/Potty Train your little one all in one box! A fun, consistent and stress-free programme to get your little ones out of nappies as soon as possible! Consistency is the key to potty training and your child will be still willing to use a potty when they are out and about if it is there own. My Carry Potty is one of the easiest ways to introduce your toddler to potty training. The award winning My Carry Potty is leak proof, hygienic and is easy to encourage your tot to use. My Carry Potty® is suitable for ages 15 months to 3+ years