Collection: Baby Play Mats

Baby Play Mats

Reversible and wipe clean luxe Baby Play Mats. Shop the range of stylish baby safe play mats that works in the lounge or playroom. Cushioned play surfaces that are easy to clean. Perfect for tummy time, play or changing baby.

Fun, kid-friendly designs to engage baby in play and protect them when learning to crawl with soft PVC and Phthalate free cushioning. Waterproof and easy to roll up for convenient storage. Baby floor time including supervised tummy time let’s your baby explore freely, exercise and stretch their muscles. Practicing skills such as grasping and other motor skills that lead to rolling, sitting, and crawling.

The best baby play mats have bright colours and features to get baby’s attention creating a safe space to explore and with a reversible baby play mat it really is the best of both worlds as you can flip to enjoy a modern décor print that blends seamlessly into your home. Using a padded play mat allows babies to explore their surroundings and start to use their senses for brain development. An important development stage, this is where babies begin to explore cause and effect skills.

That doing something causes a reaction, such as pushing a toy, crawling to retrieve a toy and investigating patterns stimulated by the layout of the mat. When baby is 6+ months plus you can use your baby play mat under the highchair to catch all the crumbs and spillages during the starting solids journey with it’s easy wipe clean maintenance, clean-up will be a breeze and your floor will be protected.

No matter your nursery design we have a play mat that will suit your style and plenty of gender-neutral patterns that make the perfect baby shower gift, gifting a practical and stylish gift that will be well used and loved.