Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors are a must have on every new parent’s list. Baby monitors provide new parents peace of mind being able to monitor baby in their nursery without disturbing them. Baby’s safety is a parent’s highest priority. At The Stork Nest, we offer a wide range of the best baby monitors in Australia from leading brands such as Beaba and Project Nursery. Technology in baby monitors has greatly improved offering you a secure and private connection with some monitors being Amazon Alexa integrated. When choosing a baby monitor a big video screen enables you to check on baby without disturbing them. Video monitors allow you to quickly glance at baby so you can determine whether they're asleep, crying, acting restless or fussy. Perfect for sleep training! Digital baby monitor cameras can link to your Wi-Fi and smartphone, allowing you to keep a close watch on your child wherever you are ideal for travelling parents! Keeping an eye on your child is a crucial part of parenting, that’s why we provide a quality assortment of nursery video monitors and systems that are easy to set up and use. Explore the ideal monitoring systems and devices here.