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Blockout Blinds

Block out blinds are a parents daylight savings must have! A simple solution to help reduce the disruption to your babies sleeping habits and help their transition during this time and handy for when your away from home. The perfect solution for babies and toddlers who need total darkness in their room to sleep and helps with healthy sleep habits. A completely dark room during sleep will help stimulate melatonin production, the hormone that helps regulate sleep and awake cycles, prevents early waking or late settling during summer. Also helpful with regulating the room temperature in the nursery. Turn day into the night wherever and whenever! Removable and reusable you can use these blockout blinds even when renting or travelling! Protect your newborn’s sleep with our blockout blind kit. Includes all the hardware you need to blackout your baby’s room so they don’t wake up with the sun, plus a guide that shows how to install everything and keep it in place. We’ve become so dependent on electricity that often our sleep pattern is thrown out of whack by lights. This is especially true in summer. By keeping the room dark, your child’s body will slip into sleep mode more quickly and wake up fully rested rather than cranky and confused. Black out the light and block out the noises - Are you a new parent? Getting your little one to stay asleep in the early days is hard enough. You don’t need any distractions that may wake baby up. A pair of Blackout Blinds are going to be one of your best friends! Black out blinds are light, portable and have silicone suction cups to ensure they are secure. Make your nursery sleep friendly with our Blackout Blinds. All easy to install, simply cut to size and attach no tools required! A must-have for babies and children’s rooms, our baby blackout blinds will ensure a peaceful nights sleep for your little one.