Collection: Teething


When your baby starts teething you will need these teething lifesavers to soothe their sore gums and provide comfort. Cute, colourful and easy-grab teethers are designed to cool quickly and stay cold to deliver soothing comfort for babies inflamed gums. Freezer-safe silicone coating, they retain cold from the freezer, fridge or a dip in cold water! Teething bibs offer two solutions in one with a reversible design to absorb all the drools and dribbles and a soft and pliable textured silicone teether attached to the bottom, so there is no more dropped and dirty teethers! Innovative dimpled design is perfect to massage sore little gums and help those teeth break through. Your baby will love these colourful teething toys and chew toys. These are some of the most popular teethers with parents, as they are both safe to chew on and help relieve sore gums. Not only do these silicone teethers feature varied textures, but they also have fun colours that catch your baby’s attention. Baby teethers and chew toys to soothe your baby through a tough teething process, including water-filled teethers and food-grade silicone, BPA free. Your baby won’t be able to stop chomping on our soft, silicone teethers. The textured designs are gentle on sensitive gums and emerging teeth. Some textures are softer for delicate gums, others are harder for aching molars. Each is easy to grasp and clean up, and each can be chilled for extra soothing coolness. With a variety of shapes and sizes, there’s one that’s just right to soothe tender gums every time they need it. Babies don't yet know how to communicate their discomfort or pain, but they do know how to deal with hurt by gnawing. Teethers provide the perfect solution for a teething baby: a way to relieve the pain of their red gums while also providing comfort and entertainment while they're munching. Your little one will enjoy playing with these colourful toys and jumping at the rattling noise created by the handles.