Comforters can help settle babies, toddlers and become a child’s lifelong buddy. Often comforters absorb mum’s scent which provides reassurance and familiarity to babies when they are trying to settle for sleep. Perfect to use for all sleeps they can be a safety blanket when your child needs help in a new or unfamiliar environment. Comforters are often used as sleep cue or sleep aid in a bedtime sleep routine. Many comforters have taggies, a sensory ribbon that babies love to touch with soft cuddle fleece for warmth. Muslin comforters are great for younger babies due to the breathability of the fabric. Cheeky Chompers comforters are perfect to use with a teething baby as they have an attached teether baby can gnaw to soothe their sore gums. Comforters with attached loops allow you to attach baby’s dummy or attach the comforter to the pram, car seat or baby carrier. Machine washable and our best advice is to buy more than one comforter in case your child loses their much loved comforter! Bestselling Jellycat comforters are a stunning practical baby shower gift that will fast become babies favourite.