Collection: Marsupi


Best baby carriers by Marsupi Australia. Comfortable baby carriers that acts like a wrap. Keep your baby close with their lightweight design.

Marsupi carriers combine the snugness of a wrap with the ease and support of a structured carrier. But instead of fiddly buckles, we use strong, easy-to-adjust velcro to secure the shoulder straps and waistband. 

This means Marsupi is quicker to set up, easier to adjust, and more lightweight – combining the best features of wraps, ring slings, and structured slings into one unique baby carrier that’s perfect for most caregivers.

Once you’ve decided to join the Marsupi family, the next thing you need to do is choose which model. There are two options available – the Breeze or the Classic. Both carriers function exactly the same, with subtle differences in size options, colours, fabrics, and pricing.