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Musical Toys
Why are musical toys good for baby? Babies and toddlers are always looking for new and exciting ways to play, and they love to explore the world around them. Musical toys are a fantastic way to provide a bit of fun and a lot of stimulation all at once. Baby will be delighted by audio-reactive toys, which light up or play sound effects in response to the music being played nearby—or even better, in response to the music they're making themselves! A fun way to encourage creativity, these toys keep baby engaged in a new space where they can create their own unique music. Baby can also enjoy more traditional sounds of musical toys. Baby will love listening and responding to music that has been put together just for them. Simple instruments like rattles and drums can be an excellent introduction into the world of rhythm while more complex options like keyboards and electric guitars can help them learn about different types of sounds. And when baby is ready to start singing along with their favourite tunes musical toys that make music as they're played help them learn how to engage with their environment in a whole new way. Babies love to make noise especially when they can make it with their own hands! We've got a whole line of musical toys that help your baby do just that. There's traditional musical toys like the xylophone and more modern toys like the avocado guitar and watermelon drum set by Skip Hop. Different shapes and sounds musical toys make help to stimulate your baby's visual and auditory senses! Musical toys promote sensory development in your baby while keeping them occupied. Musical toys tend to be very bright and colourful, so they help your baby learn about shapes, colours and patterns which is why it's fun to play with them, too! Musical toys are super-easy to hold, so they're a fantastic first toy for your baby to get used to interacting with his environment