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Melissa & Doug

Timeless toys and endless possibilities with Melissa & Doug toys. At The Stork Nest we range all the bestsellers by Melissa & Doug to spark your child’s creativity with toys that inspire hours of imaginative play! Today, our overstimulated and overscheduled children are using their imaginations less than ever. It’s a crisis in the making. This is why Melissa & Doug are committed to making products that inspire creative thinking and encourage kids to see new possibilities. It’s also why the American Academy of Pediatrics chose to join forces with them to champion the health benefits of open-ended play.

 5 reasons for children to free play

1. Play reveals passions - It's through play that kids discover interests, passions, and talents. We want our kids to be happy and, ideally, building a career when they grow up that's true to their core selves. Figuring out who they truly are and what they love to do begins with play.

2. Play promotes creativity & problem-solving - Given time and space and removed from distractions, kids gravitate to creativity and creative thinking. When they are able to let their minds and bodies roam, they can come up with imaginative solutions to problems.

3. Play develops resilience & grit - Kids at play have the freedom to try out their ideas, test them, and try again. It’s a safe space for trial and error.

4. Play builds social skills - Playful interactions with friends and adults alike - help kids navigate social terrain, negotiate terms, define norms, develop empathy, and so much more.

5. Play sharpens cognitive skills - Play is important for healthy brain development as it is how children learn to master the world around them. It’s a critical tool for language acquisition and also a way kids develop new competencies that build confidence.