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Suavinex Breastmilk Storage Bags

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These breastmilk storage bags are a lifesaver, allowing parents to store breast milk in the refrigerator or freezer, making it readily available whenever the baby needs it. 

The user-friendly zip closure ensures easy access while preventing any unwanted leaks!

What sets these bags apart is the cuttable side spout, which ensures spill-free pouring from the bag to the bottle, eliminating any wastage.

The hassle-free design of these disposable and pre-sterilized bags means you can use them directly without the need for washing. There's even a convenient space to mark the extraction date and quantity, allowing you to keep track of your milk supply effortlessly.

Each bag has a generous capacity of 180ml and features a wide base for stable standing. Their stackable format ensures they occupy minimal space in your refrigerator or freezer.

Compatible with specific breast milk bottle warmers, these bags are the perfect solution for busy mums seeking an organized and efficient breast milk storage system. 

  • Keep breast milk in the fridge / freezer after expressing.
  • The lateral spout allows the milk to be poured into the feeding bottle hygienically without waste or spillages
  • Disposable
  • Pre sterilised
  • Zip closure
  • 180 ml
  • 25 x 25 x 25 cm
  • Silicone