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Silverette Nursing Cups + O-FEEL

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The Original Silverette® cups with the O-Feel™ ring is the complete duo for any mums breastfeeding or expressing. Made entirely from hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone, the O-Feel™ ring is designed to work in conjunction with Silverette® cups to provide an extra layer of protection for the most engorged sensitive breast.

Harnessing the benefits of 925 silver which has proven to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Combined with the O-Feel™ ring, this ultimate pairing alleviates soreness, prevents wear and tear of the nipples and adds an extra layer of comfort for the most engorged, sensitive breast.

Whilst Silverette® works its magic on the nipple skin, the O-Feel™ ring keeps up with body’s movements without discomfort or disruption to your lifestyle.

The combination set is recommended to:

  • Prevent cracked, sore and irritated nipple skin from breastfeeding or expressing milk
  • Soothe and heal nipple skin between cluster feeds
  • Enhance comfort for engorged breast and sensitive areolas
  • Use at any stage of the mother’s lactation journey

How to choose the right size:

  • REGULAR is recommended for breast cup sizes A to C, with an areola diameter of less than or equal to 45mm
  • XL is recommended for breast cup sizes above C or areola diameter greater than 45mm