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Mininor Bottle Teats

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$9.95 AUD
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$12.95 AUD
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$9.95 AUD

These soft, silicone baby bottle teats from Mininor are ergonomically designed to comfortably feed your baby.

The suppleness and unique spiral structure allows your baby to use their natural sucking technique, without the risk of compromising your breastfeed journey.

Made with an anti-colic air valve to reduce the risk of air intake by your baby and hence discomfort following feeding.

Sizes: 0 month, 3 month, 6 month have a regular round hole. The 9 month+ teat has a cross cut hole making it leak-proof and suitable for thicker liquids. .

Available in five sizes for you to find the best flow rate for your baby. Bottle purchased separately.

INCLUDES: Two silicone teats in your chosen size to use with your Mininor baby bottle.