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Flexa Balance Board - Deep Green

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Develop strength and co-ordination with this balance board from Flexa.

Support your child’s physical development with a wooden Balance Board. While having fun, your child exercises all the bigger muscles in legs, arms, and core, along with smaller muscles and sinews in feet, ankles, and joints. The balance exercises stimulate the vestibular system, improving your child’s sense of balance and overall body posture. Place the board as a U and use it as a balance board, an indoor seesaw, or even a lounge chair. Flip it and use it for sliding, building a tunnel, a steppingstone, or whatever your little creative explorer can think of. With Balance Board, the possibilities for playing and learning are endless.

Develops your child’s:

  • Physical knowledge
  • Balance
  • Body control
  • Muscle and joint coordination
  • Creativity and resourcefulness

Supporting your child’ physical development, balance boards encourage gross motor development, body control and creativity.

Extended sides for child’s safety and comfort.

Materials:Birch Plywood. Size: 19 x 32 x 69 cm

Age: Recommended age from 12 months+.