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59S UV Multi-Purpose Sterilisation Cabinet - Grey

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The 59s UV Multi-Purpose Sterilisation Cabinet is a one-stop solution for your kitchen.

It can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria from bottles, nipples, dummies, teethers, small toys, and breast pump accessories, which gives your baby more protection.

The sleek and stylish design allows it to easily blend in any kitchen and comes in two colours for your liking.

You can disinfect all your babies products simply and effectively at the touch of a button.

The Multi-Purpose Cabinet incorporates an automatic Sterlise, Dry, deodourize, and sterile storage function making it so simple to use.








6 New Features:

  • Convenient Disinfection
  • Reduce Milky Smell
  • Smart Drying
  • Sterile Storage
  • Portable for Travel
  • Multi-purpose

Item specifics:

  • Disinfection time: 3 min
  • Input: 18V--1.5A
  • Power: 27W
  • Input Interface: Type-C USB
  • LED QTY: 40 pcs
  • LED Wavelength:260-280nm
  • Size: 302*269*154 mm
  • Net weight: 2.0kg