The Cocoonababy® was created in 1995 on the initiative of Danièle Salducci , a paediatric physiotherapist, in partnership with French hospitals in maternity wards. It is the result of 10 years’ observation in a medical environment and of extensive research. Initially used in neonatal services to accompany the development of very premature babies it was then made available to the general public.

10 years after its introduction on the market, the Cocoonababy® is now used by thousands of health care professionals (mid-wives, osteopaths, physiotherapists, psychomotor therapists, etc.) in hospitals, medical and maternity clinics.


"After a few shit nights of her in the bassinet, I tried this, which a friend evangelically advocated. It's the     duck's nuts. She's not slept elsewhere since. It's on an incline for her reflux, is portable, gives her in-womb snugness, is safe, and I feel confident co-sleeping with it."

- Zoe Foster Blake, 16 August 2017

"Cocoonababy is one of the best product we use as first time parents with our little baby boy. It helped us big time with colic as well as with handling our baby in a safe way. We use it for feeding and sleeping and our litle one simply loves spending time in it. Cocoonababy calms him down and gives him a feeling of being protected. Warm reco from our side!!!"

- Sanja, 20 April 2016