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Ubbi Nappy Pails
When you're changing nappies 14 times a day you will appreciate the convenience and safety of a Nappy Bin! Nappy bins make nappy disposal easy, stink and hassle free. Nappy Bins are quick and easy to set-up and are an excellent baby shower gift! Parents rave about the best-selling Ubbi Nappy Pail as an absolutely essential nursery item. The Ubbi nappy pail is a modern, award-winning odourless solution for storing and disposing dirty nappies. Nappy bins put an end to nappy changing and allow you to get on with your day. A quick trap and drop system is wrapped in a modern design, making it a stylish addition to any nursery. Unlike traditional nappy bins that require the purchase of refill bags, it uses ANY standard rubbish bags which means savings for you. Made from powder-coated steel, the Ubbi nappy pail has rubber seals that slide along the edge of the lid as you open and close it to trap any nasty smells inside. Our products are made with our children in mind and they are very dear to us. We want only the best for them and we know you do to. The Ubbi design team has come together to provide parents with a safe, reliable product that will stand up to everyday use – all while looking great in your home. Ubbi have used steel to ensure quality and strength, as well as resistance to odour retention. The unique sliding mechanism of the Ubbi means that instead of using expensive and environmentally unfriendly cassette refills, you can buy standard rubbish bags for use with your Ubbi no need to pay more just because it needs a refill. Make changing and disposing of your baby's nappies quicker and easier with this fun, convenient bin! Nappy bins are conveniently sized for frequent use around the home. It is deceptively big, with a high capacity and large interior which can hold up to 58 newborn nappies. The lid opens easily with one hand and the lid mechanism is purposely made so that your pets or toddlers won't be able to push or open it accidentally if they were to try