Collection: Skip Hop Tableware, Utensils & Bibs

Skip Hop Tableware, Utensils & Bibs
We know that mealtimes with your little one can be full of new discoveries. You’re learning about their likes and dislikes, how to guide their nutrition, and what all those faces mean! At Skip Hop, we believe the most important thing is that you both have fun. That’s why we’ve put together our Zoo Mealtime collection. Let your little one pick out a favourite plate or bowl, and some cute utensils while you’re getting ready to eat. It’ll make mealtime something to look forward to! Whether you’re bringing them to the park for a picnic or heading out for lunch at their favourite spot, we’ve got you covered. And of course, everything is BPA- and phthalate-free and dishwasher-safe (so dinner clean-up is going to be easy!). Eating just got a lot cuter with Skip Hop Zoo. We’re excited to share our new collection of mealtime products designed with your little one in mind. With our zoo friends, your toddler will get to play with their food in a whole new way while they learn to feed themselves. This range has everything you could want for a complete mealtime experience that’s both easy and fun: sets, zootensils, matching plates, bowls, cups, place mats, and much more!