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Shnuggle Bath
The Shnuggle baby and toddler bath should be top of the shopping list for new parents. The innovative built-in bump for the baby’s bottom means the Shnuggle baby bath is suitable for use from birth as it helps support even the tiniest infant in an upright position. The Shnuggle bath is also convenient for babies up to about 12 months.
This award-winning Shnuggle bath was created to make bath time less stressful for parents and more enjoyable for babies. The Shnuggle baby bath provides a safe and comfortable bathing experience for babies. It also helps to give parents confidence in handling their newborn during bath time. The Shnuggle bath is a comfortable 34 cm deep (38 cm at the highest point) bath that allows your baby or toddler to be submerged up to the shoulders. The Shnuggle baby bath is lightweight, weighing in at 1.2 kg and can easily be carried about and stored. The Shnuggle bath uses about 2 liters of water and can fit into most sinks and baths and comes with a plug for ease when emptying. Comfort and convenience are not the only aspects we strive for in the Shnuggle bath. Safety and durability are also priorities. The Shnuggle baby and toddler bath is made from non-toxic polypropylene and is BPA and phthalate-free. Some safety hints on how to wash a baby in a Shnuggle bath: Support your baby with one hand while your other hand does the washing If you're using a Shnuggle bath, the sloping back and bottom bump will help keep your baby upright The Shnuggle bath has a foam backrest for safety and comfort Ideal water temperature for a baby is 37-38o The Shnuggle baby bath stand is an accessory that perfectly complements the Shnuggle bath. This folding stand raises your baby to waist height, alleviating back pain and making bath time easier for you The Shnuggle bath stand: Is suitable for use from 0 – 6 months Has grippy feet for added security Is lightweight and folds for easy storage Includes a safety strap Is tested to the very latest UK and EU safety standards