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Baby Sunglasses


Summer is here! Australians love to enjoy the outdoors, but this can sometimes come at a price. Sunglasses for baby help to provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays.
It’s important to make sure that even the littlest eyes are well-protected.

Australia has one of the highest rates of UV exposure-related diseases. Luckily sunglasses for babies are not only a necessity for eye health care but are also fashionable too. Our range of baby sunglasses are the perfect accessory for your little one. Sunglasses for babies are practical, stylish, easy and comfortable to wear.

Fortunately, good baby sunglasses available in Australia will protect both the delicate skin around the eye and the eye itself.

With many adorable frames and designs to choose from, baby sunglasses are just too cute not to be worn as often as possible. But sunglasses for babies should not only be fashionable - they should also provide the proper protection all year round for delicate little eyes.

Yes. Parents may think that sunglasses for babies are mainly a fashion accessory, but they’re a crucial part of sun protection for your baby.

Ophthalmologists around the world recommend that all children under the age of 10 should wear sunglasses in strong sunshine, even babies.

But not any old baby sunglasses will do. Sunglasses for babies should provide as much protection as possible.

Good quality sunglasses for baby should offer 100% UVA protection and conform to European and Australian safety standards.

Baby sunglasses should aim to block a minimum of 99.9% UVB (short length rays) and 99% UVA (long length rays).


• COVERAGE: Make sure your baby’s sunglasses cover a good proportion of the eye area to give the maximum protection.

• COMFORT: It is very important to buy a pair of baby sunglasses that your little one feels comfortable in otherwise he won’t keep them on. Lightweight flexible materials are ideal. Choose a pair of sunglasses for baby that envelopes the face without resting directly on the ears or the bridge of the nose.

• HEADBAND OR STRAP: Babies are less likely to remove a pair of sunglasses that are fitted with a headband or a strap.

• DURABILITY: It’s best to go for sunglasses for babies that are made of flexible materials that can withstand being bent or dropped.

• LENSES: For baby sunglasses in Australia, with the bright sunny conditions, it is advisable to go for polarised lenses. This can help to increase visibility while reducing glare.


Babies and children who don’t wear sunglasses are at risk for skin and eye damage, as their eyelids and skin around their eyes are delicate and more vulnerable than adult skin.

Damage from ultraviolet rays builds up over time, so the sooner you start protecting your baby’s eyes from the sun by purchasing baby sunglasses, the lower the risk of developing future eye problems.

Those problems could include cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, which can blur vision and dull colours. Sunglasses for babies help reduce these risks.

View our range of affordable, fashionable and functional sunglasses for baby. One click will ensure peace of mind that your baby’s eye health is well protected.