What is Natural Childbirth?

What is Natural Childbirth?

Natural childbirth, also known as unmedicated or physiological birth, refers to the process of giving birth without the use of medical interventions like epidurals, synthetic oxytocin, instrumental deliveries or cesarean sections - unless they become medically necessary. Natural childbirth allows the body to follow its natural rhythm during labor and birth. This approach prioritizes trust and surrender to the birthing body, creating a more holistic and instinctive birthing experience.

Benefits of Natural Birth

  1. Empowerment: Natural childbirth can be a profoundly empowering experience. It allows individuals to connect with their bodies and the birthing process on a deeply primal level, fostering a sense of confidence and accomplishment.
  1. Physical and Emotional Well-being: Avoiding medical interventions can reduce the risks of side effects and complications associated with interventions such as epidurals. It also promotes a smoother recovery and a lower likelihood of postpartum depression.
  1. Bonding: A natural birth often provides more opportunities for immediate skin-to-skin contact between the birthing person and their newborn, promoting early bonding and breastfeeding. An untinerupted birthing process allows optimal levels of the bonding and love hormone Oxytocin to flow. 
  1. Freedom of Movement: Without the constraints of medical equipment and a bed centric birthing room, individuals can move around, find comfortable positions, and use gravity to aid in the birth process. Water, swiss balls, birth slings and dancing are all wonderful ways to incorporate movement during labour and birth. 
  1. Less Medical Intervention: Lower rates of medical interventions often mean fewer complications and a smoother birth experience overall. Interventions during the labour and birthing process can create a cascade effect, often overing preferences in this birthing plan - this can increase the risk of trauma experienced by the birthing person. 

Joelleen Winduss Paye, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Midwife & Naturopath

JWP Holistic Lactation Consultant
www.jwp.care  @jwp.ibclc

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