Welcome The Nappy Society to our Nest!

Welcome The Nappy Society to our Nest!

We are thrilled to now offer The Nappy Society (TNS) on The Stork Nest! 

TNS offer stylish and functional lifestyle accessories for the modern mum that love their existing tote bag and not sold on investing in a brand new nappy bag? Easy. Transition into new parent life with The Nappy Society’s Original Insert, a bag organiser that fits beautifully into your traditional totes. Featuring separate compartments, five hidden pockets and two insulated bottle pockets, this thought-of-everything style also comes with a padded change mat, a card holder and key holder. It wipes clean for added durability and ease!

The Nappy Society inspires modern mammas to reclaim their personal style so they can feel confident and empowered in their everyday lives.

Designed by mums, for mums. The Nappy Society best-sellers are the Original Baby Bag Insert  available for $99 and in two colours Black or Sand.

Pram Caddy - Stay organised whilst out and about with a handy pram caddy to keep all your essentials within reach. TNS pram caddies keep your phone, drink bottle and keys at a convenient height, so you don’t have to rummage through awkward pram undercarriages when on the move. Keep everything in its place with clever storage compartments for ultimate organisation. The Nappy Society Pram Caddies fits a variety of modern prams. Available in Mini and Original

Wet Bags - Reusable Wet Bags allow you to easily store wet or soiled baby clothes and nappies while out and about. Ideal for parents on the go, The Nappy Society's wet bags are practical & versatile mamma must-have! Eliminate the need for plastic bags while also holding extra nappies or wet wipes for those all-too-familiar baby blow-outs. Use your Reusable Wet Bag to hold soiled clothing, cloth nappies, wet swimsuits, used wet wipes, sippy cups, gym gear (and anything in between) while effectively containing wetness and unwanted odours. With an innovative snap-close strap, you’re able to secure your Wet Bag to your pram or your baby bag for a simple and stylish solution to any sticky situation!


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