The Baby Play List

The Baby Play List

Our baby play list includes a variety of toys that are not only fun but also promote sensory development, hand-eye coordination, and muscle strength during tummy time. From soft rattles and colourful plush toys to baby gyms and textured mats, our collection has something for every baby's preference and developmental stage.

Download our Baby Play List here:

Play Gym - Full of fun for little ones, our activity gyms and skill-building toys grow with baby. Looking for something to entertain baby and offer a safe, fun way to practice tummy time? Baby activity gym is the perfect addition to your baby’s playtime routine and make the best baby shower gift.

Play Mat - Playmats are the perfect way to liven up your toddler play area or baby nursery! Play mats are a cushioned soft surface for you to place baby safely so they can play. Baby activity play mats are often used during crucial tummy time. Baby play mats are often wipeable so they are easy to clean after any accidents.

Bouncers & Rockers - Bouncers and rockers are baby item most parents can’t live without. Baby Bouncers give you a safe, inclined space to place baby for soothing, interacting, feeding time and play time. Bouncers have different positions, where you can adjust the bouncer according to your activities and share every moment of the day with baby who can relax, observe and participate fully in all activities around them.

Sensory Toys - Help your baby develop their senses and motor skills with texture and colour.

Comforters - comfort toys are a cosy companion at play time. Many comforters have taggies, a sensory ribbon that babies love to touch with soft cuddle fleece for warmth.

Teether - When your baby starts teething you will need these teething lifesavers to soothe their sore gums and provide comfort. Cute, colourful and easy-grab teethers are designed to cool quickly and stay cold to deliver soothing comfort for babies inflamed gums.

Rattles - Baby rattles and grasping toys aren’t just fun for little ones; they also help with their development. Babies’ brains are developing at a rapid pace, and every experience helps them learn more about the world around them.

Plush Toys - These super-soft, luxuriously cuddly creations make perfect gifts for babies because they're safe for newborns. Moreover, they only use the highest-quality materials to ensure that these plush toys are durable enough to make it through even the roughest teething stages.

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