Spring Sleep Tips

Spring Sleep Tips

As a new parent, figuring out how to dress your little one for sleep can be daunting! Our friends at ergoPouch have some spring sleep tips to help you!

ergopouch recommend to start with a Bodywear Singlet Then, you can add a Long Sleeve Layer underneath a Cocoon Swaddle Bag or a Sheeting Bag (if your baby is rolling). 

As it gets warmer, you can choose a 0.2 TOG Layer so that it is lighter. As it gets warmer, you can slowly reduce the number of layers you have underneath your Sleeping Bag. 

To determine the number of layers to add to your baby, you can follow the general rule of whatever clothes/blankets you have on your bed – add an extra layer for baby if it's cold or takes an extra layer off baby if it's hot. Alternatively, you can feel the baby's chest to determine if they are too hot or too cold (this gives a much more accurate temperature to touch than touching the baby's forehead). 

Babies lose heat from their heads to try and cool themselves down if they are too hot. Therefore, to avoid overheating, you should never sleep your baby in any hats or beanies. 

Finally, don't forget to enjoy those baby cuddles as much as you can and follow these helpful tips for dressing baby during spring and trying to get baby into the bassinet. 

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