Navigating Postpartum Recovery Like a Pro!

Navigating Postpartum Recovery Like a Pro!

As a first-time mum, your hospital bag is probably overflowing with adorable baby outfits, Instagram-worthy swaddles, and countless unnecessary baby items.

While there are many beautiful moments in those initial days, there are some  unexpected challenges you may need to prepare for. 

So, what were the hard moments, and what helped? Let's dive straight in, starting with the first hurdle: the first postpartum bathroom visit.

Hydration is Key:

Every vaginal birthing mum dreads the first post-birth bathroom experience. The pain relief administered during and after birth, coupled with the birthing process itself, can leave you dehydrated, increasing the likelihood of constipation. To combat this, ensure you have a large water bottle handy at all times. Consider adding a hydration booster like Hydrolyte and a softening agent like Movicol to keep bowel movements manageable.

Navigating the First Wee:

The sensation of your first post-birth urination can be akin to using hand sanitiser on a paper cut. Products like Ural can alleviate the acidity and stinging. Investing in a Peri Bottle allows you to apply water while you urinate, reducing discomfort.

Tackling Breast Engorgement:

When your milk comes in, breast engorgement can leave you feeling sore and swollen. Cooling gel packs like the BodyICE Woman Breast Ice & Heat Packs provide soothing relief. Pair them with lanolin balm for cracked nipples, and your breasts will thank you.

Addressing Swollen Labia:

Swelling in the labia, vulva, and vagina post-birth can be surprising but understandable. BodyICE Woman Perineal Ice Packs can help reduce swelling and associated pain for up to 72 hours. Quality compression tights or shorts can also provide comfort and reduce swelling, even aiding in abdominal separation recovery if worn for the first 6-10 weeks.

Managing Postpartum Bleeding:

Postpartum bleeding is unavoidable, but discomfort can be mitigated. Specialised postpartum pull-up style nappies offer comfort and discretion, while reusable menstrual pads are eco-friendly and gentler on the skin.

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