Make your baby announcement pop!

Make your baby announcement pop!

Want to make your baby or pregnancy annoucement pop on the gram? Check out the adorable Baby Milestone Cards by Snuggle Hunny Kids!

Milestone cards make it super easy to capture and record your baby's 'firsts' in photographs that you can share with family, friends, on your socials and print to fill your baby’s ‘first year’ photo album. Baby milestone cards are used as a styling prop in photographs capturing those special moments when something new happens for you or your bub, such as, they smiled for the first time or slept through the night. Baby milestone cards help you celebrate and share their growing story, and act as a memory prompt, helping that moment to be cherished for years to come.

Having a common prop or prompt in baby milestone photos, like baby milestone cards, helps highlight the changes in your little one as time goes by in another unique way. It allows similarity of colour and scale to contrast against changes in your bub. You can see how much bigger, taller, longer they have become as the months and moments go by because the cards always stay the same. Thus, Baby milestone cards really do help tell the story of your child’s first year and turn those moments into a precious keepsake.

Snuggle Hunny Kids baby milestone cards are reversible, so you receive two sets within the one pack. One side of each card is a block colourway, while the other depicts one of their signature prints. This means you can create a matchy-match set of images using the patterned or colourway side throughout all your images. You can also use each side alternatively for some added interest. Or, if your style is a more spontaneous kind, you can use either side on different occasions simply to suit the moment or the photo! Either way, you’ll be keeping a common style thread throughout the changing photos, helping to create a beautiful, personalised story of your baby’s first year that’s as special and unique as they are!

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