How to choose the right maternity bra

How to choose the right maternity bra
Need helping deciding which maternity or nursing bra is right for you?

During pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding, your breasts will change and here is why we love Bravado Designs easy sizing guide! 

Here is how to get the perfect fit no matter what stage your in from first trimester to nursing!

Chances are, your breasts are probably not the size that you think they are! Figure out your size with our easy 3-step measurement, so that you can finally feel comfortable in a well-fitted bra.

Sizing is a 3-step process, which we've made easy for you to follow

Before You Begin

Have a measuring tape, pen and paper ready   •   You will also need to be in front of a mirror   •   Wear a non-padded bra that reflects your true shape   •   You’ll need to determine your rib band and cup size measurements 


Click here to enter your measurements for your correct size

Bravado Designs knows that a woman’s body fluctuates day to day and month to month and have developed maternity and nursing bras to respond to those changes, conform to your changing shape and move with you. Bravado Designs focus on the technical and intimate details of design, giving women bras that will make them look so good, no one will imagine they are so comfortable.

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