Essentials for baby feeding!

Essentials for baby feeding!

Fed is best no matter the method! Here our our essentials for happy, healthy bubs and mums!

1. Drop the judgement and guilt. No matter how you decide to feed your baby being bottle or boob, it's your choice!

2. Nursing Pillows - perfect for breastfeeding AND bottlefeeding! Ergobaby's Natural Curve Nursing Pillow is a FIRM supportive pillow that stops you from slouching and can also be enjoyed as a tummy time pillow! The Nursing & Maternity Cushion by Theraline can be enjoyed as a supportive sleeping pillow during pregnancy thanks to it's millions of micro beads which are as light as a feather. The Big Flopsy has a curved shape for ease of use and supports the back, relieves shoulders and arms during feeding.

3. Nursing Bras - bid farewell to ugly maternity and nursing bra's of the past and say hello to Bravado Designs Premium designs for the all-day comfort you're craving. Pregnant or nursing, your body is going to change and you can stay comfortable in a well-fitted bra that is designed to grow with you.

4. Burp Cloths - Just like feeding, you will spend your time burping baby! It’s important to make sure you burp baby after feeding to help them release any air that they’ve swallowed to make them comfortable. Yoiu can protect your clothes by slinging a burp cloth over your shoulder! Cheeky Chompers Multimuslin is a stylish breastfeeding cover, burp cloth, pram cover and swaddle! 

5. Bibs - another feeding essential and you will need muliple of.  With newborn's there is going to be a lot of spills & spew and with a soft fabric bib, you can gently wipe it all away. We love the Neckerbibs by Cheeky Chompers with two fabrics to choose from organic muslin or 100% cotton. The reversible designs means you can simply turn around to change the look!

6. Protect the nips! Breastfeed in comfort with Beetanicals Boo-Bee Balm, containing only edible ingredients that are safe for your baby. Suitable for pre- and post-breastfeeding that nurtures and protects dry, cracked nipples. It can be used as a barrier balm, lip balm, or to moisturise and protect babies skin as well!

7. Drying racks & Bottle Brushes - an essential part of feeding baby is ensuring all your bottles, teats, breast pump and parts are clean and ready for their next use! From compact, on the go to space saving we have all the options at The Stork Nest!

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