Dew - Kinder Cleaning powered by Electrolysed Water

Dew - Kinder Cleaning powered by Electrolysed Water

A Better, Greener Method Of Cleaning

Dew natural cleaning products don't leave any chemical residue behind and are sustainable and kind to the environment. It's now much easier to keep your cleaning routine pet and child safe. Additionally, these cleaning products are multi-purpose and can be used on various surfaces, which reduces the need for multiple cleaning products.

How does Dew work?

Our process seperates a solution of pure water and high purity salt using an electrical current into new solutions:

Hypochlorous Acid - A mild cleanser with powerful antimicrobial performance that is 99.995% is effective at destroying micro-organisms. Did You Know that your immune system produces hypochlorous acid in order to combat infections.

Dew Cleaners are a high quality, hard and soft surface cleanser. Its mineral-based formulation, utilises electrolysed water to produce excellent cleansing results and is 99.99% effective, additionally it is 100% biodegradable. Dew Cleaners are Free From alcohol, parabens, scents or dyes, so it is non-irritant and vegan friendly.

Dew Cleaners contains no harmful chemicals, so it will not endanger the health of your child, quite the opposite in fact, because its antibacterial properties are 99.99% effective, providing that extra level of hygienic protection. Additionally, it is certified by Allergy UK.

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