Breast-shaped bottles with Zero Zero nipple

Breast-shaped bottles with Zero Zero nipple

Baby bottles are a tool that has existed since the beginning of history. We have remains of baby bottles made of ceramic, stone, clay, metal and even wood, as old as 1500 BC.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of types of baby bottles , for all styles, ages and needs: Choose from glass bottles , plastic bottles or silicone bottles . Classic, curved, ergonomic cylindrical bottles with anti-colic technology. Whatever you need, you have options to choose from. 

One of the latest designs that is growing in popularity is breast-shaped bottles. Discover here everything you need to know about this new nipple-like bottle design and all its advantages.

What are breast-shaped bottles?

As their name suggests, breast-shaped bottles have a design that simulates the mother's breast as much as possible. This includes not only the nipple, but the whole bottle.

Breast-shaped bottles are usually made of a soft, squishy textured material such as silicone and have a breast-shaped teat. They are usually slow-flow or adjustable-flow bottles and are distinguished by their rounded or domed shape. 

The breast-shaped bottle is ideal for mothers who want to switch from breast to bottle but have concerns that their baby will reject the bottle. This new format facilitates the transition from breastfeeding to mixed breastfeeding or artificial breastfeeding

What is better, breast or bottle feeding?

The benefits of breastfeeding for both you and your baby are well documented. Breastmilk offers baby all the nutrients they need, in addition to also having antibodies that strengthen your baby's immune system. It has been shown that babies who are breastfed, either directly from the breast or through delayed breastfeeding, are less likely to develop childhood illnesses and allergies.

As to whether breast or bottle is better, it will depend on the case of each mother. Offering the breast has a series of advantages both physically and psychologically, such as strengthening the bond between mother and child, reducing the risk of postpartum depression , improving sleep and preventing mastitis during breastfeeding .

On the other hand, the bottle offers greater freedom of movement, it can be very useful if the mother feels uncomfortable, if the baby is not satisfied with the breast or even if it is painful to breastfeed. Furthermore, any caretaker can participate in feeding the baby when bottle feeding.

In the end, it is each mother's choice to decide what is best for her and her family. Fed is best and both baby and mum's happiness is very important

Which teat looks like the nipple?

If you decide to use a bottle, you probably want to give your little one the most similar experience to breastfeeding. For them, bottles with a nipple-shaped nipple will be very useful and you will also have to choose one with a nipple that is as similar as possible to the nipple.

Suavinex ZERØ.ZERØ™ baby bottle nipples are specifically designed to simulate mum's nipple in their shape, texture and amount of flow. That's why we recommend that you opt for our Zero Zero dummies and bottles to make it easier for your baby to accept the change. 

If what you are looking for is a breast-shaped bottle that guarantees the most similar experience to your baby, the Suavinex ZERO ZERO Anti-Colic Bottle is exactly what you need. These are the best baby bottles.

Zero Zero baby bottles come in various sizes for babies from newborns to two-year-old babies. They are designed with an anti-colic system that prevents bubbles from forming when the baby swallows, reducing air intake to a minimum. 

The Zero Zero breast-shaped bottle has an extra-soft silicone teat with a slightly domed shape that culminates with a nipple of the same length and feel as the mother's and also has 3 different flow types: Slow flow for the smallest babies, in their first days of life, medium flow for slightly older babies and adaptive flow that allows the passage of milk and other liquids depending on the force the baby uses to suck. 

If you want to avoid nipple-teat confusion syndrome in your baby, do not hesitate to try the nipple-shaped bottle with ZERØ.ZERØ™ nipple from Suavinex.

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