Maternity & Nursing Pillows

A must have during pregnancy and beyond. Maternity pillows help support you during pregnancy being longer in length and conforming to the shape of your changing body, no matter what your preferred sleep position is. A maternity pillow makes sleeping more comfortable during pregnancy allowing you to place the pillow to alleviate hip and back pain most commonly experienced during later stages of pregnancy. Rest is important for an expecting mum and a comfortable and supportive maternity pillow will allow you to sleep better and for longer. Nursing pillows are a firmer support pillow allowing you to position baby best for correct latching when learning to breastfeed. Having a nursing pillow prevents the breastfeeding mum from slouching and easing tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Nursing pillows also help support babies’ weight when breastfeeding and offers protection and support if you have had a c-section. Nursing pillows position baby’s head at a comfortable level for feeding and aids digestion. Feeding pillows have removable covers so you can wash easily. Feeding cushions can be used for bottle feeding and twins