Brolly Sheets - your potty training must have!

Brolly Sheets - your potty training must have!

Brolly Sheets are waterproof sheets for bedwetting and incontinence. Brolly Sheets are all about making life easier for parents, with waterproof bedding protection and toilet training products loved by the whole family. Brolly Sheets believe you should buy once & buy well. That’s why they are committed to washable, reusable products that are made to last!

Take the hassle out of bed wetting! Tired of 2am bedding changes and endless laundry? Take the stress and sleepless nights out of bed wetting, potty training, and incontinence with wings to stay put and the ability to absorb up to 2L of liquid.

Brolly Sheets are the perfect solution for all your bed wetting needs! With a soft, comfy 100% cotton top and a breathable, waterproof back – when wet, it only takes seconds to replace. They’re also easy to use, to save you time. Simply place on top of your bottom sheet, tuck in the wings and sleep directly on top. Perfect for wriggly sleepers. No more stripping the bed – get back to sleep quickly!

Best of all, you can breathe easy that Brolly Sheets are kind on the environment. The backing is made from polyester-backed polyurethane rather than PVC or vinyl, which can emit harmful toxins. Brolly Sheets have been third party tested and certified by Green Leaf to ensure they are environmentally sustainable and non-toxic.

Available in Single and King Single size

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