Why natural skincare is better during pregnancy and nursing

Why natural skincare is better during pregnancy and nursing

One of your first concerns an expectant mother may have been the anxiety and stress that comes with the changes in your daily routine as well as lifestyle for the protection of your growing baby. 

It is common knowledge that there are particular foods that you shouldn't consume as well as activities you shouldn't participate in during pregnancy – such as no alcohol, soft cheeses, deli meats, soft cheeses, smoking, raw fish, roller coasters, contact sports… the list goes on.

However, skin care products at times can be overlooked but is equally as important as everything you apply to your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream - which is passed through the placenta and onto your unborn baby. It is only right to assume that you want your baby to only be exposed to the best and safest ingredients.

Bheue was created as a range of pregnancy safe skincare that uses clean, innovative, naturally sourced ingredients. You can be confident in knowing that Bheue does not contain ingredients that can be harmful during pregnancy.

Bheue is pregnancy safe throughout the whole motherhood journey, from conception through each trimester and beyond. Each product has been carefully formulated to nourish and care for the skin using gentle, natural sourced ingredients which are safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding.
Bheue products have been carefully tested via consumer and clinical trials to ensure that we have scientific validation the effectiveness and safety of each product.

Bheue harnesses the gentle power of natural to create a range that is highly effective while also being kind to even the most sensitive skin. All products in our range include Ingredients of Natural Original above 95%, including a stunning Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and a radiance enhancing extract from the Helichrysum Stoechas flower.

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