Trunki at Home

Trunki at Home

Ways to Trunki at home!

Trunki ride-on suitcases have been a favourite for family travel for years now - whether you're planning to drive, fly, jump on a train or take the ferry, Trunki suitcases have been there every step of the way, making family travel less stressful and easier for you and your children.

While we’ve all been stuck at home over the past year we’ve been thrilled to see that Trunkis haven’t been left to linger in the loft. Trunkis love to play at home and we’ve been so inspired by your creativity finding new uses for a Trunki. We thought we’d share some of our favourite most innovative uses for a Trunki at home!

1. Trunki Storage Box for craft, dress-ups, nerf guns, matchbox cars and lego! 

Trunki is perfect for storing toys, colouring pencils, cars and fancy dress clothes, it’s 18L capacity and teddy-bear seatbelts help to keep everything organised and it can be easily closed up and wheeled away when it’s time to tidy up! 

2. Trunki Animal Play / Stay Box

It's not just humans that love Trunki ride-on suitcases, the family pets love them too - Why not use your Trunki as a fun pay or sleep area for your cats, dogs or of course bunnies!

3, Water and Sand Play

Kids love playing with water or sand, that's no secret - why wouldn't they when it can make such a mess?! Bring the fun of the pool or beach home by using your Trunki as a make-shift sand pit or foot spa! 

4. A Booster Seat or Foot Stool

Five Ways To Use Trunki At Home

Five Ways To Use Trunki At Home

Trunki's lightweight but durable material, which is capable of holding 50kg of weight, means this ride-on suitcase can be used as a booster seat, foot stool or make-shift play table! 

5. Fun In The Backyard

Five Ways To Use Trunki At Home

Five Ways To Use Trunki At Home

There's so many creative ways your child can use their Trunki to further their imaginative play - use Trunki as a base for their other toys, find a fun way to play some family sports or keep the dog company, or even turn them into some lovely Trunki flowerpots!

We can't wait until lockdown ends and we can all travel freely again and look forward to seeing Trunki's zooming through airports and check-in lounges again! 

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