Top Podcast for Parents and parents to be!

Top Podcast for Parents and parents to be!

Podcasts are perfect for busy parents and parents to be! Remain hands-free while learning and educating yourself on everything baby before their arrival! 

Here is a list of our fav podcasts to educate, entertain and guide you through from pregnancy to parenthood.

Australian Birth Stories - Mum of 3, Sophie Walker interviews mothers on their stories of birth. Sophie has a strong interest in women's health and through her weekly podcasts, aims to educate and inform parents

This Glorious Mess -  Join Tegan Natoli and Leigh Campell on Monday's for the roller coaster that is little kids and Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainright for big kids on Fridays. This podcasts shows all of the disasters and delights of parenting with a dose of advice from trusted experts.

Not Another Parenting PodcastThis is NOT your typical parenting podcast. You won’t get advice on the best way to swaddle your child, how to have ‘the talk’ or whether to give them pocket money.  This podcast, hosted by Sarah McGilvray and Cathrine Mahoney, is a safe place for any parent who gets to the end of the week thinking “How did I keep my children alive?” 

Parental as AnythingMaggie Dent hosts this fantastic podcast for parents, with kids of all ages. Maggie gives really good practical advise on all the challenges us parents face. For example- Three year old tantrums, anxious kids going to school, helping your child make friends. I find this podcast really helpful as Maggie gives great tips of what you can do to help and understand your child. Dads will find this podcast super helpful as well!


BabytalkPenny Johnston hosts this informative podcast for all the Mums-to-be and Mums with Babies. Penny dives into topics you might not have thought too much about when it comes to your bub. Like why is tummy time so important? Or why should we have family rituals? The episodes are only ever around 20-30 mins, so perfect if you've only got a short amount of time
Birth, Baby & Belong - Midwife Cath Curtin has over 40 years experience as a Midwife, and has so much knowledge about pregnancy, birthing, and life after birth. Those first six weeks after bub is born is really really tough on new Mums. Midwife Cath has so many helpful tips on feeding, bath times and most importantly sleep. She also has the best swaddle technique in the business! 
Hello BumpRebecca Judd and Monique Bowley host this heartwarming podcast on pregnancy. Each episode is a different month in pregnancy, and looks at all the things you might face at that particular time. Rebecca Judd has so many great stories about all her pregnancies and how different they were, particularly with twins.
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