Say hello to Mushie!

Say hello to Mushie!

Mushie carefully curate safe, innovative, functional, and stylish baby products. Babies deserve the best, that's why Mushie are committed to products made to last, not to be replaced. Sustainable, eco-conscious materials and modern minimalist design for affordable products that mums love as much as babies do. Baby essentials that bring calm to parenthood with worry free mealtime and clean-up, keep your little one clean with Mushie's fun-loving collection of silicone bibs, suction tableware, placemats, and more! Introduce your baby to playtime and engage fine motor skills and creativity with playful designs and soft colours to suit your nursery!

Mushie baby products are designed to help you raise a happy, healthy child. They are made using the highest quality materials and are safe for your little one.

Mushie Sippy Cups: The sippy cup is a staple in every home. It's where your child first learns independence, but it can also be the source of frustration when they're still learning how to drink from a regular cup. Why not make it easy on yourself? Mushie sippy cups are made with soft silicone that won't hurt your little one's mouth when they bite down on their new favorite drinking vessel. They're also free of BPA and other harmful chemicals that can interfere with your baby's development or cause them harm later on in life.

Mushie Suction Plates: Eating is an important part of growing up! You want your little one to try new foods and enjoy them as much as possible but how do you make sure they get enough nutrients without having to make separate meals for each member of the family? With the Mushie divided plate, you can create individual compartments for each food group (like protein and grains), then add additional sections for their favorite side dishes like carrots or peas! Perfect for tots learning to self feed or baby led weaning.

Mushie Dummy Clips: Mushie dummies make it easy for your little one to stay happy throughout the day without having to worry about choking hazards like other brands on the market today.

Mushie also make a wonderful range of Montessori toys! Designed to stimulate learning by encouraging kids to experiment and develop fine motor skills. Mushie toys are also beautiful so they will suit any style of home 

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