Reflux - how to help your baby

Reflux - how to help your baby

Having a baby with reflux can be highly distressing. Read below what has helped other reflux mums!

Jade writes:  "All babies love to be held, and in my experience and from talking with other mums, this is tenfold for reflux bubs. I remember I held Freddie all day and most of the night – I’d go to the bathroom holding him. Make a Nespresso hold him. I lived off muesli bars and Tanker Topper biscuits until my sister suggested I try her Cocoonababy which she had used for her son who also had reflux. I was reluctant at first but thankfully she convinced me to give it a go and Freddie was happy to day nap (with supervision), or be put down simply so I could eat, drink my coffee and relax just for a moment – this nest kept him elevated enough to be comfortable (imagine laying flat on your back with terrible indigestion?) and hugged him while doing it. The Cocoonababy also came in handy during playtime. I would lay his activity gym over the top which again, allowed him to happily play independently for a moment or two"

Renee H writes "Bub had terrible reflux for the first month that she would choke falling asleep flat. I found it hard to sleep myself just worrying all night but I found the cocoonababy and it has helped her sleep much more comfortably"

Meg writes "Our baby slept like an angel in Cocoon, and by the age of 10 weeks she slept already full night of 8 hours. I am confident, this is thanks to Cocoon, since she could sleep deeply only there. The cocoon helped my girl to release gases easily, hence we had no colics at all. Thanks for creating such a useful thing, we never (!) had a sleepless night and always have a happy relaxed baby. It is quite an expensive buy, but worth every penny!"

The Cocoonababy NestWelcoming baby gently into the world, providing them a comforting, reassuring, womb-like space the Cocoonababy Nest helps newborns make the transition to the outside worlds as smooth as possible. Cocoonababy is an ergonomic baby nest designed for use in the cot during baby's first months as it reassures babies and help them adapt smoothly to life after birth in the fourth trimester. Respecting the medical recommendation to sleep babies on their back, the elongated semi-fetal position of the Cocoonababy Nest allows babies to feel safe and content. Sleeping babies in Cocoonababy Nest has many advantages, including, improving the quality and length of time of your baby's sleep and contentment, minimizing the risk of flat head syndrome, limits gastric reflux and reduces involuntary jerky movements which wake babies with a start and make them cry

Jane writes "One of the things I wish I just surrendered to earlier was the fact that laying Fred in the pram just wasn’t an option for us. He was hysterical when I laid him flat on his back, and he didn’t get any better the more I persevered – my body was not in a good way after birth so the pram seemed like my only option at the time but the baby carrier became my best friend. It allowed us to get out for a walk, allowed him to stay close and upright which is way most comfortable position for him. The Ergo is what we used and it felt comfortable, sturdy and supportive, and we could turn him around once he got bigger and wanted to look around"

Ergobaby Baby Carriers Ergobaby give you the freedom to enjoy life's big and small adventures, all while keeping baby close. Ergobaby Carriers are ergonomically designed to cradle your baby in a natural sitting position and to evenly distribute baby's weight between your hips and shoulders. Hands-free parenting safely and comfortably! 

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