Potty Training Tips!

Potty Training Tips!

Thinking about Toilet training?

Arm yourself with all the right equipment, some patience, a mop and a sense of humour!

Trust your insticts and accept that there will be many failures before success!

Some signs that your child is ready:

  • becoming interested in watching others go to the toilet (creepy but true!) 
  • has dry nappies for up to two hours 
  • tells you with words or gestures when he does a poo or wee in his nappy – if he can tell you before it happens, he’s ready for toilet training
  • begins to dislike wearing a nappy

If you think your child is showing signs of being ready for toilet training, the first step is to decide whether you want to train using a potty or the toilet.

Advantages to using a potty – it’s mobile and it’s familiar, and some children find it less scary than a toilet. The Beaba Training Potty has a removable seat for easy cleaning and adapted to the morphology of girls and boys. A non-slip seal, for better stability and adhesion to the floor, a must have for any potty! 

If you are using the "grown-up's" toilet you will need a Step Stool and Toilet Trainer that fits securely inside the existing toilet seat, because some children get uneasy about falling in!

I found cloth nappies and training pants when potty training seemed to really assist as they didnt like the "wet" feeling not always felt in disposable nappies. Once you start, toilet training might take days, weeks or months. The key is to not push your child, and let them learn at their own pace. If your child doesn’t cooperate or seem interested in toilet training right now, just wait until they wants to try again!

What are your potty training tips? 

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