Milkeo - Automatic Baby Bottle Maker!

Milkeo - Automatic Baby Bottle Maker!

It's back! The most anticipated release and our most requested item the Beaba Milkeo is back in stock!

Tired mum's unite! Beaba® has delivered the MOST stunning automatic baby formula milk machine - we are thrilled to introduce the Milkeo!

Gone will be the days of fumbling around at 2am trying to find the formula powder scoop, boiling the water too hot while baby screams to be fed or leaving an encyclopedia of directions for Dad (gah) or babysitters on how to prepare bub's bottles. 

The Beaba Milkeo, measures, dispenses and mix's water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature and consistency & FAST!

When baby wakes and is hungry you can prepare a bottle within seconds. Simply press that button and walk away baby - it will take you longer to change the nappy then prepare the bottle. 

The Milkeo is compatable with all bottle sizes and most formula brands and types. It can even make your cup of tea! Yep the Milkeo can distribute hot water only - GENIUS! I only have three more words to add: self cleaning function.

Perfect for families with twins, triplets or more - say goodbye to the time and hassel of manually preparing baby's bottles!


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