In-Bra Pumping: 5 things you need to know!

In-Bra Pumping: 5 things you need to know!

We have been hearing about the growth in popularity of In-Bra pumps from our TSN mums and are starting to see this trend continue with many women “just making it work” with whatever bra they are wearing. We decided to put our technical design experts at Bravado Designs to the task of testing the leading in-bra pump brands with a few of their maternity and nursing bras to see if we could help give women the best experience if they choose handsfree breast pumps. 

What did we learn?

These handsfree breast pumps aren’t easy to hide! First and foremost, these pumps are quite big and surprisingly heavy! They actually add 2-3 cup sizes depending on the pump brand you purchase and that can put quite a strain on you and your bra. We don’t want anyone to ruin their nursing bra, for the convenience of in-bra pumping, so we’ve put together a few guidelines based on our research, to help ensure you maintain a great fitting bra while having an amazing in-bra pumping experience.

5 Need to Know In-Bra Pumping Pointers

1. Full-Coverage Bras are the most recommended

If you’re wearing a nursing bra with a plunging neckline, you will definitely have a tough time keeping the pumps securely in place. Having a bra with the extra coverage on the neckline means you will have additional discretion while the magic is happening.

2. Strong Clips are a MUST

Having a nursing bra with strong, durable, and easy to open and close clips is really important, especially when you are just starting out. By unclipping the bra it’s easier to get the right placement of the pump on the nipple. Once the pump is placed properly, you can easily just clip the cup back in place…

3. Adjustable Straps are key

Not having adjustable straps is a major deal-breaker… It’s so important that you have the flexibility in your straps so that you can control and adjust the straps and the pressure of the pump against your breast.

4. The Stretchier, the better!

A bra that comes in S-XXL sizing is the way to go. These bras are designed to adapt up to 3 or 4 cups sizes. Don’t use a bra that comes in exact cup and band sizes and certainly don’t choose one with an underwire. Stretchy yet supportive fabrics will allow that extra room you need to fit your pump in comfortably and retain your bra’s shape afterwards.

5. Size Up to give a little extra wiggle room

If you are between sizes, or at the top end of the size chart you might want to consider going up one size, just to give yourself a little more room.

In-Bra Pumping: Shopping Guide

Body Silk Seamless is our best bra for in bra pumping (tested with both Elvie and Mumilk Pumps). It checks all the boxes, plus its molded cups ensure that you will get a good fit while minimizing compression. 
If you prefer a racer back design and you are full cup, we suggest our Original Full Cup Nursing Bra. It’s soft & sustainable with just the right amount of stretch, while still providing you with good coverage.

If you are planning to use both a traditional pump with Flanges like Medela or Haakaa breast pumps, you can choose to use our Clip & Pump or Original Pumping & Nursing Bra. Both are great options for hands-free pumping.

Happy Pumping! :)

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