How to create an eco friendly non toxic home!

How to create an eco friendly non toxic home!

What's the best way to create an eco friendly home? Learn how you can make your home less toxic and more eco friendly with expert tips and advice from Koala Eco.

Are your products safe around babies and pets, and can I use them during pregnancy? 

Absolutely. Koala Eco products are completely safe to be used around babies and pets, and safe for use during pregnancy. Koala Eco's cleaners, sprays and lotions are antibacterial and anti-fungal, and we use carefully measured, safe amounts of native Australian essential oils in our products, which are also certified cruelty-free, allergy safe, and non-toxic. We aim for the naturopathic benefits of breathing in essential oils rather than customers being blasted by synthetic fragrance: so there are no artificial perfumes in anything we make. 

Wash all your fresh fruit and vegetables - This is a great habit to start when you get the weekly groceries - and the kids will love to join in! Did you know that even organically grown produce is vulnerable to the effects of drift spray, human handling, mould spores, and dirt? You don’t want your children ingesting that - and a simple rinse may not suffice, which is why the Koala Eco Mandarin Fruit & Vegetable Wash is so great. It removes residual pesticides, oils, waxes and agricultural chemicals from fruit and vegetables, and leaves no aftertaste.

Baby's skin is super sensitive and reactive so avoid the nasties from the very start with the Koala Eco Natural Laundry Liquid. Pre-wash all your newborns clothes before they arrive. This gentle yet effective liquid combines two of nature’s best antibacterials in one powerful, aromatic formula. This biodegradable and eco-friendly plant-based formula effortlessly delivers a thorough and effective wash without the use of harsh chemicals, and is safe for sensitive skin.

I’m trying to keep home surfaces spotless in the light of information about COVID-19. Are your products strong enough?

All of Koala Eco’s surface sprays have been independently lab-tested, and have the capacity to kill 99.999% of germs, viruses and bacteria when used as directed.  Regular cleaning is recommended – and don’t forget doorknobs and taps as well as draining boards and frequently used hard surfaces. 

Are your cleaners safe for all kinds of surface? 

As an important part of Koala Eco’s production and development processes, we’ve had our cleaners tested on multiple surfaces including marble, concrete, and porous stone, to ensure they won’t damage any of these materials, and to make sure we are using a safe amount of essential oils. Every test has given us beautiful results. We do however always recommend a patch test when you use the cleaner for the first time on a new surface. 

We have septic tanks. Are your products OK for this? 

All of Koala Eco’s products are totally suitable for grey water and septic tanks. Any alcohol we use in our ingredients is plant-derived and biodegradable. This means it is produced as a by-product of the fermentation of natural sugars in fruit. It’s a natural preservative and also kills germs. 

All of the ingredients in our products including this plant-derived alcohol are readily biodegradable and do not contain phosphates or any other chemicals known to create issues in septic systems.  

Koala Eco are passionate about healthy, environmentally friendly products and engaged pharmaceutical and naturopathic counsel to investigate Australia’s abundant, potent and distinctive flora, so our products could use the full force of nature to clean as effectively as its chemical competitors.

Many of the essential oils we use in Koala Eco have been part of the Aboriginal pharmacopoeia for thousands of years. There are also a lot of “Eco products” on the market that reference the use of essential oils but many of these oils have been diluted with synthetic fragrance. We only use pure Australian essential oils and 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly plant derived ingredients. 

Koala Eco products are:

  • Marine and septic tank safe: no bleach or chlorine, minimal impact on the environment after drain disposal. Our products rapidly biodegrade.
  • Cruelty-free: Never tested on animals.
  • Free from petrochemical solvents that can cause respiratory and skin problems. Our formulas have been tested and classified as non- irritants. Even so, please exercise caution and keep out of reach of children. 
  • Free from synthetic colours, fragrances or scents, which can cause headaches, or respiratory problems  • Nitrates, chlorine, ammonia, parabens, or any sulphates including SLS and SLES  • Cocamidopropyl betaine (coco-betaine), dyes or masking agents  • Animal ingredients

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