Fit for Real with Bravado Designs

Fit for Real with Bravado Designs

Our first Fit for Real Review for Bravado Designs Nursing and Maternity Bra's is in!


Keisha Cabahug writes “As a first time mum, I was motivated to have that early skin-to-skin contact following birth, to help with breastfeeding. Nothing prepares you for the discomfort you get nursing your baby in the first few days when your milk is still coming. On top of that, you’re trying to figure out all these new changes to your breast and how to latch properly. I did some research online and found Bravado nursing bras while I was in my third trimester. I admit I wasn’t entirely sure getting one was practical, but I decided to get at least 1 or 2 just in case and packed them in my hospital bag. By the time I was in the hospital and during that first month, I have been using my Bravado nursing bras every single day, special mention to the Original Nursing Bra! They are truly a staple for any breastfeeding Mumma and I love how soft, cozy and breathable they are throughout the day. 


The Body Silk Seamless Bra was a beautiful addition to my collection, perfect for when I’m at home or out doing the errands. Aside from that easy one-handed nursing clip, I love how the fabric is soft, seamless and hugs your body shape. I wish I had this during my pregnancy too, since the fabric also moulds to your changing shape! If you’re like me, I look for as much skin-to-skin contact with my baby during breastfeeding, and this bra did not disappoint with its full drop away bra cup design. You can choose a size bigger so you can use the removable foam inserts, and they’re not too tight fitting when wearing them to bed. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to try and review the Body Silk Seamless Bra, and I encourage all mums, expecting and nursing, to get one now!”


Thank-you so much for your review Keisha! Now you can try and save with buy any one Bravado Designs Maternity and Nursing Bra and get 30% OFF your second Bravado Designs Bra! 

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