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Expert tips for parents

Ergobaby evolve bouncer the GOLD standard for back health certification

When it comes to regulations on a variety of industries, in many cases, the European market can’t be beat. In the categories of beauty, health, food, and more, European standards are strict, and boast of high standards.

So, what does this have to do with Ergobaby? Well to start, Ergobaby is a global company! The Ergo family spans the entire globe with stores and markets in the Americas, Europe, UK, Australia, and Asia! That means their products need to meet the standards of the global consumer. And as with food and beauty products, the global markets have extremely high standards for the baby products they support and for a good reason!

AGR, a German organisation, is the gold standard for back health certifications. And right now, Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer is the only bouncer on the market that’s AGR certified.

According to AGR certifications, a bouncer must provide:

Ergonomic comfort and developmental support for your child through:

  • easy positioning of the child in the baby bouncer, which can be adjusted to the size of the child. A newborn insert, or another constructive option for positioning is needed for full-term newborns, weighing approx. 2.5 kg or more, up to the age of 4 to 6 months (head support must be provided).
  • a spread-squat position for the legs This is important for the healthy development of the hip joints (M-position of the legs) and the spine of the child.
  • ergonomic spinal support, such as an ergonomic newborn insert in the first months or an ergonomic design of the baby bouncer that provides enough space for the small body to develop while at the same time providing lateral support.
  • developmentally appropriate support for the head. The head must have enough space when stretched backwards (reclining) and also when turning. This ensures that the baby’s chin isn’t pressed against their chest. It also makes sure that the child can breathe without restriction.
  • a comfortable sitting and lying position in line with the child’s age and developmental stage. This is achieved, for example, by using different developmentally appropriate positions, ranging from a lying position for newborns to a sitting position for older babies and toddlers.
  • avoidance of over-stimulation and fostering of self-regulation. Too much stimulation can quickly lead to overwhelm, and the more external stimulation the baby is exposed to, the more is needed to calm them down. Sometimes less is more.
  • a natural rocking motion. Whereby the child’s head must always be in the most elevated position. This prevents or minimises reflux or vomiting.
  • an optimal temperature inside the baby bouncer (e.g. through breathability of material).

The baby bouncer must…

  • be ergonomic, simple, quick, safe and easy to use. This is achieved, for example, through clear control elements and a reclining surface that is accessible from all sides.
  • be light weight and compact to ensure easy and practical carrying.
  • allow a clear view of the baby at all times.

Handling, care, safety and free of harmful substances:

  • Make sure that the cover can be easily changed, i.e. removed, and is washable.
  • Similarly, make sure that the baby bouncer is easy to look after and therefore easy to clean. This creates the right conditions for good hygiene.
  • Unintentional collapse of the baby bouncer must not be possible. Look for appropriate safety mechanisms that prevent this from happening but that still allow easy use.
  • Pay attention to good stability; the baby bouncer shouldn’t slip, even on smooth surfaces, and needs to be sturdy, i.e. it shouldn’t wobble.

Minimum requirements

  • Simple, quick, safe and back-friendly use
  • Easy to carry
  • Covers that are easy to change and wash
  • Easy to clean
  • Clear and safe control elements
  • Good and secure stability
  • Unrestricted view of the baby
  • Optimal and safe positioning of the baby in the bouncer
  • Legs in spread-squat position
  • Ergonomic and developmentally appropriate support of the spine
  • No overstretching of the torso
  • Support of the pelvis
  • Ergonomic position of the head & free head movement
  • No constant heel support
  • Unrestricted breathing
  • Comfortable and developmentally appropriate sitting and lying positions
  • Avoidance of over-stimulation and fostering of self-regulation
  • Natural bouncing movement controlled by the baby (head at highest point)
  • Optimal temperature in the baby bouncer
And what is even better? The Ergobaby Evolve Bouncer comes with the ErgoPromise Guarantee

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