Choosing your babies first bed

Choosing your babies first bed

Such an exciting time setting up the nursery and often one of the hardest choices is where will our baby sleep? As always safety is the highest priority and we recommend babies sleeping environment follows the safe sleep guidelines which you can read about here

The choices are overwhelming from bassinets, moses baskets, cots, cribs and bedside sleepers - which is going to suit your family best? It's a big decision deciding on baby’s first bed and can be a significant investment so you want to get it right.

All options have their pro's and con's but as long as you make the decision on whats going to work best for you, your family and budget then you will be fine.  Some families purchase multiple options with a moses basket or bassinet being their daytime or downstairs mobile option and a crib in their bedroom for nighttime sleeps.

To help you with your decision we have compiled a list of things to consider with each!

Cocoonababy Nest

The Cocoonababy Nest is an ergonomic baby sleep mattress designed for use in the cot during baby's first 3 months as it reassures babies and help them adapt smoothly to life after birth! Respecting the medical recommendation to sleep babies on their back, the elongated semi-fetal position in the Cocoonababy® Nest allows babies to feel safe and content

Sleeping newborns in the Cocoonababy Nest present many advantages, including:

  • Improving the quality and length of time of your baby's sleep and contentment
  • Minimizing the risk of flat head syndrome
  • Limit gastric reflux
  • Reducing involuntary jerky movements which wake babies with a start and make them cry

Moses Baskets

Moses Baskets and Bassinets are often lightweight and portable so can easily move around the house to keep baby close through the day. 

  • Much more compact in size if space is an issue
  • Moses Baskets are generally less expensive than cots
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable for trips away or to visit the grandparents
  • Stylish! The Shnuggle Dreami is larger than the traditional Moses Basket plus it is more breathable, hygienic and hypo-allergenic than wicker baskets. You can also flip the stand to turn the bassinet into a rocker - one less piece of baby furniture and perfect for fussy babies! 



Bedside Cribs or Sleepers

  • Generally bigger than moses baskets so baby won't outgrow as fast
  • Baby can sleep right next to you when the crib is fitted securely and safely to your bed but keeps them safely in their own sleep space - ensuring a safe co-sleeping environment
  • The Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib includes see-through, breathable mesh sides which make it easy to see your baby as you lay in bed
  • The clever drop-down side makes it easy to access baby for feeds
  • Unique to the Air Crib you can extend the life of the crib with a Cot Conversion Kit (sold separately), which converts your crib to a full size Cot.  This can be a more cost effective option compared with purchasing a bassinet and cot separately. It can also help baby’s transition from crib-to-cot as they keep their familiar sleep space.

No matter which you choose, all options are ideal first sleep spaces for baby and we are lucky with our tough safety standards you can rest assured that every moses basket, bassinet, baby sleep mattress, cot & crib sold in Australia meet or exceed these industry leading standards. 


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