Bedtime massage ritual for your baby

Bedtime massage ritual for your baby

How and why should you implement a bedtime massage ritual for your baby?

Did you know that having a baby massage ritual in the evenings can actually help your baby sleep better? Yes, you read that right!!!

It may seem so simple, but having a bedtime ritual can:

- Improve your baby’s sleep through helping to relax and calm your baby, thus helping them wind down before bed, fall asleep faster and sleep for a longer period.

- By enabling your baby to have a consistent signal that bed is coming soon your baby can develop a sense of predictability and this can further help wind them down for bed.

- Babies are born without a circadian clock, this means that they don’t know the difference between night and day. Having a bedtime ritual such as baby massage can help your baby to learn the difference between night and day through creating this predictability. Helping your baby to develop their circadian clock over time, can help them sleep longer during the night.

- Massaging your baby is a great way to bond with your baby, as well as help them feel safe, secure and loved before bed. Thus, helping them to fall asleep easier.

How do you give your baby a massage? Always make sure your baby is happy before starting your massage and stop if your baby becomes upset during the massage. A great time to do a massage on your baby is in the evening after their bath and just before bed.

Step 1: Place a small amount of baby massage oil onto your hands and rub it together in your hands to warm it up a little first.

Step 2: Start at your baby’s neck and use gentle strokes down to your baby’s chest and down their arms. Try to avoid getting any oil on their hands so that they don’t rub any into their eyes or get it in their mouth.

Step 3: Do gentle strokes on your baby’s stomach in the shape of a rainbow. Starting on your baby’s left side and ending on their right side.

Step 4: Move to your baby’s legs and gently stroke down towards their feet. Once you get to baby’s feet, massage gently up towards baby’s toes.

Step 5: Assist baby onto their tummy and gently massage in strokes down baby’s back.

Massaging your baby can be such a beautiful moment together as you watch your baby relax into your hands as you massage them. Most babies really do love a massage however, it is important to watch your baby closely throughout the whole massage and if they don’t seem to be enjoying it, then it is important to stop and try again another time.


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