Benefits of a food dehydrator

Benefits of a food dehydrator

Dehydration is one of the oldest methods of preserving food. Using a food dehydrator preserves food for much longer than its ordinary shelf life.

Dehydrated foods can be a healthier alternative to many snacks, use up left over fruit and veggies and you can add them to enhance salads, museli, baking even smoothies.

Dehydrating food can save you money and reduce food waste. Stock your pantry with healthy, homemade, easily portable snacks.

Dehydrated foods keep their nutritional value. As a lightweight, nutrient-dense option, dehydrated foods are a go-to for health snacks for toddlers and families.

Almost anything can be dehydrated. Some common food items made with dehydration include:

  • Fruit leather and rolls
  • Soup mixes 
  • Yoghurts
  • Herbs
  • Homemade potato, sweet potato, kale, beet or zucchini chips
  • Flavoured powders such as lemon, lime or orange which you can use in teas or cocktails!

Make these delicious sweet apple rings in the Beaba Dry n Snack Food Dehydrator 

Ingredients : 
1pc apple
3pc cracker crumbs
Cinnamon powder

1. Slice the apple to thin slices
2. Dry apple slices for 3 hours and pause
3. Crush crackers
4. Brush honey on apple chips
5. Dip crackers crumbs & cinnamon on apple chips
6. Dry for another 30mins

Sweet apple rings have the taste of apple pie but is relatively healthy + yummy with no artificial additives. Dry food can be stored for longer time.

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